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About Us



The Family


SHOOP'S is a family owned and operated business. We have been a neighborhood establishment in Santa Monica for over 22 years. We started with an ideal to provide fresh, quality food and European grocery to those with a discerning palate.  Our focus is our neighborhood, striving to provide quality and service to the locals as well as those visiting our community. Many customers feel like coming to SHOOPS is like a good home cooked meal. People really feel at home here, and we love that!

European Deli & Cafe



SHOOP'S is not only a great spot for your favorite sandwich, salad, soup, or breakfast, but we stock a wide range of German, Dutch, and Scandinavian imported foods. We have the best and most extensive selection of european candy in town.  
We specialize in LICORICE, chocolate, cheese, deli meats, and European grocery. Some of our favorite imported brands include ABBA, Darbo, Haribo, Katjes, Kinder, Kuhne, LEKSANDS, Marabou, Milka, Ritter Sport, and Venco.
We carry a large selection of sausages and cheese. Our cheese offerings include German Butter Cheese,  Priest XO, Herrgard, Prast, Leyden, Young-Old Gouda, Raclette, and Appenzeller.


Our house-prepared, hot-smoked SALMON and cured GRAVLAX is exclusively SHOOP'S.
We start with quality sustainable salmon, add fresh quality ingredients and spices, and create a taste sensation sure to make any food connoisseur smile.
It's a must try on our Cafe menu.
Try it in-house or take some home.
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